The Umbrelleash  Story

My Grandma used to say that a lovely day at the beach can take your breath away.  In the 70s, I spent summers with Grandma at her beach house in Cape May , and every sunny morning, we’d stroll down to the water’s edge with Grandma's gangly, lop-eared Labrador retriever, Beasley, leading the way on his leash.


As I plopped down into the sand, I’d watch Grandma unhook Beasley and then tie his leash from her umbrella to her beach chair.


“I’d rather chase my dog than my umbrella,” she’d say with a wink.


And she was right.  Beasley would romp around freely, kicking up a sand storm, but Grandma's umbrella always stayed in place—no matter how hard the wind churned.


When I retired, I decided to transform Grandma's common sense into the Umbrelleash™.  Use it to anchor your umbrella to your beach chair or cooler, and then sit back and relax.  Because a beautiful day at the beach can still take your breath away, but thanks to Grandma, your umbrella will stay right where it is!

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